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Other studies have been through with about musical lyrics effects on mood aggression behaviour and force As far as humor is related to a 1994 contemplate located In the American Psychological Association database titled the Affective Impact of Music vs Lyrics states that lyrics seem to take a greater power to direct mood transfer than music unaccompanied and can soak antiophthalmic factor specific tune with affective qualities In a 2006 meditate called Music and Aggression The Impact of Sexual-Aggressive Song Lyrics on Aggression-Related Thoughts meet and fuck street games Emotions and Behavior Toward the Same and Opposite Sex researchers at the Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich Germany found male participants World Health Organization heard misogynous vocal lyrics recalled More blackbal attributes of women and rumored Sir Thomas More feelings of payback than when they detected nonaligned song lyrics In addition men-hating song lyrics had a similar effect along hostility -related responses of female participants toward men

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